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About Us

NinthKey is an expert, certified consulting firm, specializing in all things Splunk. Our highly specialized team consists of expert Splunk consultants with in depth experience building Splunk Enterprise, Operational Intelligence, SIEM Migrations, Log Management, Splunk Enterprise & Splunk ITSI solutions across multiple industries. Our headquarters are in Austin,TX but we have team members located throughout the US.

Splunk Dedication

Here at NinthKey, we are one of the few Splunk consulting firms that is exclusively dedicated to expert Splunk services. This focused attention we bring to Splunk solutions, means we are able to provide some of the best Splunk consultants in the market. We pride ourselves on providing top tier, senior Splunk resources with extensive direct experience in the specific product domain that is required for your project.

Senior Splunk Resources

NinthKey does not hire basic junior staff, lacking in the wisdom of years of experience. All our consultants are certified and absolutely specialists in the field of Splunk solutions.

Focused Skills = Better Resources

Many consulting services firms provide a broad range of solutions in various competencies where as, NinthKey’s sole focus is on Splunk consulting and development solutions. The Splunk ecosystem is constantly changing, so our dedication to focusing our expertise ensures that we only provide the best resources available with bleeding edge experience in the latest Splunk toolsets.

Whats With The Name?

“I” is the ninth letter in the alphabet and represents “Information” and “Intelligence”, 2 business aspects which we believe is the key to success for all enterprise’s, especially those utilizing Splunk solutions.

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About Us

NinthKey is a leading operational intelligence consulting firm, specializing in the Splunk Platform. Our senior Splunk developers have extensive experience building world class operational intelligence applications for a variety of industries. Hire an expert Splunk consultant today!

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