Operational Intelligence

Splunk Development and Consulting Services

NinthKey consultants are experts in Operational Intelligence Solutions utilizing the Splunk Enterprise product. Below are a few examples of our Splunk Enterprise expertise:

  • Real-time visibility of information
  • Presentation of Log data in bespoke consumable formats
  • Dynamic log presentation dashboards
  • Custom Queries and Reports with Splunk’s Web Framework
  • Monitoring of production applications
  • Creation of dashboards utilizing check_mk (nagios), VM Ware, UCP, UPS, Tanium, JSS, Client Certification, Security, End-point Encryption, Infrastructure KPIs.
  • Network Device data vizualizations
  • Machine data for business analytics
  • Big Data insights
  • Measurement of SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Consumer behaviour tracking
  • Troubleshooting of data models, tstats and data model acceleration on internal Observability instance of Splunk. Utilization of accelerated data models for time charts on voluminous indexes for VM Ware and Nagios indexes.
  • Predictive analysis
  • Machine Learnging Analytics
  • Splunk Power Design for creating fields, reports, pivots, data models

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